I’ve been reflecting a lot on self-expression and truth. The thing about both is it’s a long and important journey which changes over time. 


When growing up we tend to believe and behave based on everything were told, generally accepting because we have no other experience or perspective. Throughout our life we learn, unlearn, relearn more about how the world works and hopefully we learn how to cope, fail fast and become resilient. 


We spend days living up to other people’s expectations and definitions which means we may not always be living or being true to who we really are. Sometimes we think we don’t know where we stand (and sometimes we don’t) and we need to be reminded to add our voice and our presence to the mix.


And so, this is your reminder that it is time to stand up and step into your truth and do your best to live it. Its time to be responsible and accountable for expressing yourself and to add your voice and your perspective to conversations and relationships which matter.  


Let your words flow, let your value be heard and allow your soul to make the leap because your voice matters. 



Navigate Your Inner Compass: Charting a Course to Authenticity


Harness the power of introspection to navigate your inner compass and chart a course to authenticity. Explore what drives you, identify barriers to your true self, and align your actions with your core values. Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and navigate the waters of life with confidence and purpose.