Meet Cynthia

I came to coaching after living a life of my own challenges and working hard for success over many years.  I sought out and learned many tools I use in my coaching practice. Those tools along with a self-refection process helped me navigate inside a large corporation, as I juggled my career and life while raising two wonderful sons. The tools helped me navigate when I moved from a small sleepy town to big city living where I had no family, friends or support. Not a badge of honour, just the truth.

Along the way, I came to trust myself and realize that the best hands for my career to be in, are my own. I need to be true to myself and intentional in my life. My husband and I have returned to small town living and enjoy running and cycling near Lake Huron. With the wind and the waves crashing on the beach…. We love the life we  are creating.

Life doesn’t always have to be so hard, which is why I am so passionate about this work. To help people trust themselves (sometimes for the first time) and create success in their own lives, is the most meaningful work I do.

Witnessing people as they explore, learn and evolve, energizes me like nothing else.


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