Life Energy!

While the last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge, I spent some time focusing on my journaling and felt prompted to post. The prompt was Who enlivens my life? Who drains it? NOTE:  People can be on two lists!

When I reflect on the people in my life who make me feel happy, enthusiastic and passionate about my life a lot of those people are in my ‘TRIBE’! You know the ones? The like-minded individuals who you connect with and know that “yes, WE are on the same vibe highway”!

We get and understand one other and because we do, we communicate with energy and connectedness that it is reminiscent of sunshine and rainbows.  Just thinking of my tribe makes me SMILE! And for that, I have a grateful heart as I couldn’t do LIFE without them!

Your tribe is with you through it all without judgement, yet they DO challenge you on your BS. They do this because they know you and they know when you are off on a beaten path into uncharted territory. They are also the most wonderful humans who know immediately that something isn’t as it should be and they are readily there with an ear or a helping hand, regardless of geography!

When I think about the people in my life who drain me, I call them ‘ENERGY ZAPPERS’ the first noticeable thing is the small shifts in my body language. Just thinking about them has me slumped and the beginning of a smile turning upside down as I write this!  More importantly, the significant downward shift in my energy.

Regardless of the focus on self-awareness, those energy zappers are why we can and should lean on our support network and use various tools, the energy drain remains REAL.

I learned long ago that people are like charging stations! When I am connected to my TRIBE my soul is being filled up! When I am thinking about or surrounded by the folks that drain me, it is like they’ve charged to 100% and I’m left at low battery, depleted of reserves and looking for my charging cord and ways to restore.

Success experts say that WHO we spend our time with is key to our happiness. Our happiness is connected to our success or failure AND that experience shows that happy, successful people spend most of their time with other people who are happy and successful. AKA the TRIBE! So, if you haven’t found your tribe yet, consider making that a priority!



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