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The Leadership Lens is THE program for new, emerging, and high-potential leaders.

Cynthia Jamieson Coach

It's an Oasis for Leaders like You:

  • It’s confidential. You’re safe to explore, learn (or clarify), and implement the leadership style and approach that makes you unique.


  • It’s collaborative. You’ll both receive and observe live coaching on the real issues and challenges that leaders like you encounter.


  • It’s solution-focused. You’ll leave calls with better insight, clear choices, and action plans to implement outside of calls.


  • It’s foundational. You’ll get access to exclusive content, resources, live workshops, and tools that grow your leadership skills.


  • It’s community-oriented. You’ll finally find yourself amongst a supportive group of like-minded leaders just like you.


  • It’s expert-led. You’ll get coached by me and other experts who know how to help you move forward.

There are 4 keys to strong leadership

Knowing & Trusting Your Own Leadership Style

Develop, clarify, and rely on your own authentic style of leadership.

Looking In Before Looking Out

Learn how to manage your own thoughts & emotions so you approach challenges more clearly.

Envisioning & Moving Toward Growth

Figure out where both you and your team are going, prepare for obstacles, and create a doable plan.

Develop Your Own Leadership Lens.

Leave this program with your own leadership lens that guides you for years to come.

This program is a perfect fit for:

Leaders who acknowledge and own their choices, commitments, and career decisions.

Leaders who don't want a generic success guarantee, but want to explore all the possible ways to be successful.

Leaders who are looking for deeper answers - not a quick fix or new technical skill.

You’re in good hands with a seasoned HR leader and Coach

  • I bring 35+ years’ experience supporting leaders in multiple industries and work environments.


  • I am a credentialed coach with 7+ years’ experience supporting hundreds of leaders in Fortune 100 & 500 companies in 18 countries.


  • My own journey was a “do it yourself” leaving me to seek out tools and ways to navigate multiple transitions on my own so you don’t have to!


  • I felt called to help leaders navigate the ambiguity of the global pandemic and worked with leaders part-time in addition to a full-time job. Two years later, I transitioned from a six-figure corporate job to coach full time and haven’t looked back.


  • I launched the “Who Are You to Lead Anyway?” Podcast to support leaders without access to a coach.


  • My coaching style is authentic, compassionate and thought-provoking
Here is what my clients have to say:

Leadership Mastery Offer

Lifetime Access Program – A “one time fee” provides access to group coaching for the lifetime of the Leadership Lens program.

$2000 USD  (one payment in full)

$2500 USD  (payment plans availalbe)

FAQs about The Program, the Coach and more!

This is the space where sensitive and diverse topics will be explored, and confidentiality and respect are key to creating safety. Participants can seek coaching, support and encouragement in between sessions within the community space.

You (and your peers) can expect an interactive experience focused on supporting personal and professional growth and enhancing leadership skills and effectiveness. Workshops, content and resources (available 24/7) will be carefully curated to align with the needs of leaders like you and will be built with your input and feedback.

Time commitments can and will vary depending on participant needs. The participants’ role is to actively participate, embrace the coaching process, take ownership of their growth, and apply the insights gained to create meaningful and sustainable changes in their leadership approach.

I listen to and meet every client where they are from a confidential, non-judgmental and neutral place. Regardless of what they’re thinking and feeling or if they’ve worked with a coach before or not, we explore, and they choose their next focused step.

The calls will be on Wednesdays from 12-1PM EST to be less disruptive with holidays, and to be available in alternate time zones.

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