International Coaching Week

Live Your Best Life.


Welcome International Coaching Week from May 4th to May 10th!

As a coach, there are some wonderful moments happening in my life this month and I couldn’t think of a better quote to represent it, or a better week in which to launch my private coaching business. As a young woman in the midst of striving for career success I used to tune into “The Oprah Show.” The way Oprah engages with tough conversations, challenges others to live their best life while being authentic and encouraging others to do the same has always been inspiring to me.

 I’ve lived a life filled with my own challenges and I worked hard for success by juggling my career, my life, raising two wonderful sons and volunteering in the community both professionally and personally. I navigated through the most significant life and career transition in 2012 from a small town to the Big Smoke with no family, friends or support. The threads which held me together were the organization I worked with at the time and my newly found love of running. It was a period where I experienced every emotion within the human spirit and it was, life altering. During this transition I sought out tools and resources, created new habits, made new friends, stood up, fell down and stood up again. During this time, I found my purpose in coaching and added self-reflection to my toolbox and built a new life.

Sounds easy right? Wrong. Period. It took a lot of strength, courage and perseverance to learn who I am and what I stand for. Simply put, my mantra is “Step Up. Stand Out. Make Positive change.” And now this is my business. Now, a decade later and with the benefit of the rear-view mirror it is easy for me to see I was listening to and following my intuition toward my purpose. As a leadership and life coach, I now help clients do the same and it is the most gratifying work I’ve ever done. While I am officially opening my business during coaching week, I felt it was important to share a little of my story. In doing so, if you are motivated and ready to live your best life, and are prepared to do the hard work, let’s connect.

The time is now, the person is you. ~Nido R. Qubien

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