Rock Your Remote Work…. Make your days productive and balanced

I had a picture in my head about how “working from home” created a happier more flexible and productive me. In my mind’s eye, I caught up with friends over coffee, caught up on my work in the evening and my life was productive and balanced.

My bubble burst the first week, maybe even the second day.

I quickly learned I needed to adjust and to continue adjusting. And so; in preparation for week six, I know what I need to “rock remote work” and I know they’ll help you too.

  1. Habits – daily habits have become as important to me as core values are in navigating life. Preparing for the workday is critical to feeling human. Simple habits like showering and brushing my teeth help start the day. Days I don’t, are days I feel less than my best. Habits of making meals, cleaning and doing laundry help me move forward.
  2. Movement – moving my body was always something I’ve needed. Now, it has become as important as breath. Going outside for a run, a walk or to get some air is like rebooting a computer where my hardware can enable my software to be accessed.
  3. Connection – spending time connecting with myself and others. Stepping out of my comfort zone with technology allowed me to feel connected to family, friends, colleagues and clients. I can’t believe it took me so long and its been a real gift to feel as if I am in their home or they are in mine.
  4. Routine – developing a routine is necessary for any new situation. Getting up, getting ready for the day, for meals, for relaxation and sleep are the roots which keep us from wavering.
  5. Reflection – thinking back I was reminded of how I’d persevered through tougher times in my life than COVID; and more importantly, that I did. While it can seem overwhelming, we do have the ability to bounce back as long as we take care of ourselves.
  6. Gratitude – simply put, there is always something to be grateful for even if it causes you pain, there is usually something beautiful on the other side.

While my life still won’t be balanced, it will be better.

How can you rock your remote work?

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