You know the truth by the way it feels.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on truth. The thing about truth? It’s a long and important journey.

When growing up we tend to believe everything were told, generally accepting because we have no other perspective. Through life we learn more about how the world works, make mistakes, learn how to cope and later to survive. Those experiences challenge our truth.

Assumptions, beliefs and boundaries get tested and new truths appear. People, technology and time change us and when things change, we change.  We spend days living up to other people’s expectations and definitions which means we are not always living or being true to who we really are. Is it time to own our truth and do our best to live it?

For me, truth is connected to purpose and this journey becomes more intentional every year.  What I know for sure? It’s from the inside out and has no end. My experience has taught me to accept myself and my struggles for what they are, acknowledge who I am and what I stand for, find and define my purpose and to live my truth. 

I see truth as a beautiful tapestry woven by complexity and simplicity. Each thread bringing us one step closer to a home in our heart.  Learning to love the soul enough to become who we are meant to be and fully belong to ourselves.

What’s your truth?

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