Is it possible to do what you love…

Is it possible to love what you do more than the day before? When you’re clear on your WHY and stop thinking about the HOW – it’s possible.

Today, I received a gift while holding space for a client of mine. I have their permission to share.


As human and social beings we all find ourselves in the middle of an experience without any previous experience to guide us.  As the weeks become months, we are challenged to look internally for answers. To look for our own ‘light-versus finding it at the end of a tunnel. It may be helpful to self-reflect and ask ourselves 2 KEY questions:


1) What can I teach myself? 

2) What can I adapt? 


For me personally, “what can I teach myself” has been overwhelming between books and Marie Forleo’s B-School.  When we learn, our minds remain active our brains engage and we burn a ton of mental energy. Add a little worry, and losing yourself in a fiction book can provide a welcome break.


“What can I adapt“ will often bring up internal obstacles often the most challenging to resolve. Old patterns, attitudes, beliefs (with boundaries thrown in for good measure) test us to unlearn and relearn new ways of doing things. 


Coaching can help you navigate your challenge to change!


What can you teach yourself?

What can you adapt?

How will you respond?


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