After this is over….

I’ve been reflecting on a specific question since Friday. 


I took the question on a 10 KM walk with me that afternoon. I called my mom and asked her what she thought, I suggested she walk with the question also and she agreed. I took the question with me on a 10 KM run on Saturday  also and it still isn’t clear to me.  Yet.


The question?  “When this is over, and you are celebrating with friends and family, what will you say about this experience?”


Will you say it was restrictive, dull and boring? 

Will you say it was suffocating, challenging and trying? 

Will you say you connected with yourself and others?

Will you say you created or recreated something?


Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves this question so we can know what success looks like so we can begin to planting seeds to grow.


How can we leverage a time when we are inextricably connected? 

How can we emerge better than we were before? 

How can we make this a positive experience?


As a spiritual being having a human experience, what will you say?



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